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Difference between

CBSE and State Board Syllabus

An education board is a group of experts, trustees in the field of education who help in determining the education policy for the area, region or state that they govern. In our country, while CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is an autonomous body that comes under the Union Government of India and determines the educational curriculum and exam schedules for schools over the entire country, every State Government has its own education board too to determine the policies and curriculum for the schools in that state.

Difference in mode of instruction and exposure
For each state, the individual state board established by its government takes care of the designing and monitoring of the standards of education and examination in that state. The study syllabus for schools in that state is decided by this board and the mode of instruction here, unlike CBSE where in it is only English or Hindi, can be English or the Regional language of the state. Also, while CBSE prefers to offer education in a scientific and national exposure, almost all state boards focus more concepts of local importance.

Difference in applicability

Schools registered with CBSE have to follow the guidelines given by the board for pre-primary grades to higher secondary grades or in simple words from K -12 classes. All the government schools in India like the Kendriya Vidyalayas, the Sarvodya Vidyalas, the Jawahar N Vidyalayas, etc. all strictly abide by the guidelines given by CBSE. In addition to these schools, several private schools especially those in Delhi region to follow the same board while imparting education to their students. But the policies and programs setup by State boards relate to only the schools registered with them in that particular state.


Difference in categorization of syllabus
CBSE ordains that each and every subject’s entire syllabus be divided into units. And each unit is then allocated a certain number of periods or lectures required to cover the topics of the unit in the class during the academic year. This kind of setup is systematic and allows all the teachers to schedule their lectures efficiently and the students to plan their study and preparation correctly. Each state board works according to a syllabus designed and categorized by the ‘Department of Education’ of the state government which may or may not change in the next academic year.


Difference in consistency over the country
CBSE is also known well for its nation-wide approach. In case a student needs to change his/her residence  from one state to another, he might face some major challenges in shifting from one style and mode of education to another because the two states would follow different curriculums. Whereas shifting from a CBSE school in one state to another CBSE school in the other state would be a lot more easier for them.



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